Beyond Conflict on Managing Conflicts Creatively

Managing Conflicts Creatively

Often projects, despite having the resources and expertise they need, go awry, over budget or beyond deadlines because the relationships involved become strained and the actions of people toward each other are counterproductive. Gavin and Katherine believe that conflict can be a tremendous positive motivator, but to get the full value out of our conflicts we need to be engaged proactively and constructively. The ability to understand and engage each other at a deeper level of human experience and with a little creativity are often all that stands between the failure and success of our endeavours.

In this workshop Katherine and Gavin will introduce a few tools and ideas for thinking and acting creatively when conflict rears its head in the workplace. Participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on and practice skills and behaviours that can positively impact on situations that threaten to derail your most carefully considered projects.