Brett Harned: Project Planning Workshop

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You may think you have it all figured out as a Project Manager until someone else shares an experience they’ve had or method they use. Sharing that kind of information can be incredibly valuable and possibly even change your perspective completely. That is what this 2-hour session will focus on: sharing PM planning tactics and experiences.

We’ll spend part of the workshop on an interactive project planning exercise where attendees will sketch ideas based on a project scenario, discuss them with fellow attendees, and present ideas as teams. We will also discuss topics ranging from process and methodologies; to contract details and assumptions. Through the course of the session, Brett will share his own tactics and expertise in planning, selling, and managing a project plan.


The morning session began as Brett gave everyone 1 of 2 theoretical scenarios to create a project plan for. Each person then spent 15 minutes individually writing up their ideas. This led into a group-based activity where plans were shared and discussed. 17646509939_185ae58713_z

Following this discussion, each group collectively collaborated on a new plan based on their discussion of ideas and together pulled together formed a cohesive collective plan.

The group then presented their plan back to all the members of the workshop. This led to a group discussion about their approach, how they arrived at it and what alternative ideas, approaches and refinement might also be relevant to that scenario.

It was great to watch people from different disciplines and backgrounds sharing ideas about the way they do things and exploring new ideas for project delivery.