Paul Boag: Digital Adaptation

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As web professionals we often find that the organisations we work for are more of a hinderance to digital success than a help.

Company culture, operating procedures and business strategy are rooted in the past and have failed to adapt to the emerging digital economy. What worked in the past no longer does and your organisation needs to evolve.

If your organisation is going to harness the full potential of the web, we believe it needs to make fundamental business changes.


‘Digital Adaptation’ was the closing keynote of the day and stood out as a rallying cry for all of us working in digital to change the way we fundamentally think about digital and the archaic ways that some organizations still relate to it. 17941668752_b90c28ec59_zIt was especially interesting as  a PM to see what a vital role we play – often we are the link between technical teams and non-technical clients/stakeholders. If we want to change the way that digital projects are understood and approached, then it is up to us to fundamentally re-educate and take a stand against producing products and projects that don’t take into account how wildly our landscape has changed. The Internet and all things digital has been a true revolutions, but too many people are still scratching their heads and trying to work out what to do with ‘digital’ and failing to see that whilst they have been doing this, ‘digital’ has seeped into almost every moment of our waking lives. It is no longer a curiosity, it is as fundamental a resource as electricity and it’s ability to change and shape workplaces, societies and relationships is equivalent to the way electricity changed our whole structure of society.

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